Practice Skirts & Attire
Peasant Lace Blouse
Simple blouse with one ruffle of lace. Perfect for those on a
budget. Available in White Only

Practice Skirts - Professional Series

Doble vuelo (2) circle skirt made of med-weight Polyester Blend.
Available in: Black, Red, Rosa MX, Purple
Practice Skirts - Multi-Ruffle

Doble (2) circle skirt made of med-weight Polyester Blend, with
multiple ruffles.  Available in: Flower Print or Solid Colors
"Folklorico" or "Flamenco" Shirts
These Shirts are made of a Heavy weight Cotton/Lycra Blend.
Each Shirt is adorned with a metallic applicate of
"Folklorico" or "Flamenco"  Call for current color stock
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XL Adult      $50.00  (105cm-110cm)
Adult            $
48.00  (90cm-100cm)
Junior           $46.00  (80-85cm)
Child            $44.00  (75cm - under)
Adult (S-L)         $12.00
Adult (XL-1X)    $14.00
Adult (2X-3X)    $16.00
Children             $10.00
Child Small-Adult Large   $25.00
Adult XL-XXL                 $30.00
XL Adult $80.00  (105cm +)
Adult       $75.00  (85cm - 100cm)
Child       $70.00  (80cm - under)
Currently Not Available